Submission Guidelines 

All entries must follow these guidelines to be on the website. 
  • All submissions must be by or about a person of color.

  • Everything will be read, checked for proper grammar/punctuation for final approval before being posted.

  • All submissions must be original pieces.  

  •  Pieces must be submitted through email at

  • Every submission must be at least 1,000 words with a limit of 7,000 words. 

  • Three submissions will be accepted per person per theme/deadline

  • Please specify if there is graphic content

Art (music, videos, paintings, etc.)
  • 3 pieces per person may be accepted.

  • There is no submission limit.

  • Must be submitted with name of artist, name of piece, and description of the art.

  • Must be original pieces.

  • Minimum words 1,000 with a maximum of 7,000

  • Specify what genre (romance, adventure, etc) when submitting. 

  • Specify if your story has mature and graphic content.

  • When submitting specify the length of the story and what type of story it is

  • Example: (short story, novel, or novella/chapters/words)

  • Can accept individual poem (IP) OR an anthology with a minimum of 5 poems.

  • 1-3 IPs per person OR 1 Anthology per person