Staff Openings:

If you are interested please email-

 Note: At this time the magazine does not offer a salary or pay rate for any positions. 

Position: Article Writer 

Number of openings: 3

Responsibilities:Write/create an article at least once a month for the website. The article can be written in any way that the writer chooses. Person must be able to accept criticism and be able to make deadlines. 

Samples Needed: At least 2 samples of original written pieces. Can be fiction, non-fiction, or essay. 

Position: Editor

Number of Openings: 1

Type: Fiction

Responsibilities: The editor will be responsible choosing the fiction stories that get to be in the magazine/on the website. Must be present to all meetings. Must be responsible for all deadlines given. 

Position: Account Manager 

Number of Openings: 2

Responsibilities: Managers are in charge of the social media for the magazine. Must also be in charge of knowing all information for the magazine.

Position: Art Director 

Responsibilities: The director will have the right to choose the art that goes into the magazine/on the website. They will also make any art needed for the magazine. 

Samples Needed: At least 2 pieces of art or graphic design.