'Children of Blood and Bone' Book Review: How and Why to Keep Going

***This review may contain spoilers***

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi is a great book. That goes without saying. It took me 20 mins full of self-reflection to even get over the tornado of emotions that was this book. Within these pages I screamed, cried and became depressed with and for these characters.

The book was filled with beautiful and complex characters that made me want to love and hate them at the same time. I could personally go and on about this book but the main character's strength and ability is what stuck with me.

The story opens with Zelie, a girl with white hair, the mark of the people that are supposed to have magic. Magic has been lost to her people for years and they are targeted by the monarchy of Orisha, a country set in Africa, being punished for the war between the maji and the crown. She then meets Amari, the crowned princess of Orisha, who has an important piece that could help bring magic back and wants to help. Zelie is then thrown into a quest to give magic back to her people. With the help of Amari and Zelie's brother, Tzain they have to race against time and Amari’s brother chasing after them to go on a journey to restore magic to the maji. Within this book Zelie goes through many trials.

She loses her home. She loses the people she loves. And yet she still keeps going.

As one of the people reading the story I wondered how many times someone could be killed in front of Zelie’s eyes and she can still keep going. How many times can she see people that she knows and loves and some even learn to love to be murdered and still make it to take a next step.

People do it every single day in the real world. How many bodycam videos can we see on our internet feeds? How many protests can we go through? How many black bodies can we see dead before we give up in a call for justice?

It’s the same question being asked “How much can we possibly take?” It’s the question that has been hovering over the black community and the communities where their relentless attacks on them for just for being who they are.

Zelie almost gives up. Multiple times. There are many times that she wants to choose to give up on the quest. Believing that she is not good enough and not the right person to save her people. This is not a love story it is a survival story because of love. It is the answer to the question of why she keeps going. Because of the love she had for family and her people and the abilities that they can do.

And to realize that it is only just beginning of the series. There are no words for the excitement that I have for what is going to happen next.

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