'The Poet X' Book Review: A History Told In Verses

***This review may contain spoilers***

The Poet X by Elizabeth Avedo is the story of Xiomara Batiste, an Afro-Latina who is confused and scared of what she is made of and what she has to offer to the world. She is a poet, a person who makes pictures and scenes into small words that doesn't necessarily have to be put in complete sentences. 

She wonders about love and life, religion and sex. Normal teenage things that people think about in real life. But parents never realize that they actually question. She questions her own faith in herself and in her family.  And wondering to know what is right in the world. She puts her thoughts into poems that she holds close to her and slowly shares it with others becoming a poet out loud instead of 

The questions she asks is the most important part of the story. She asks question about her family and her religion. She rejects the way that she is supposed to act. As a good daughter that goes to church and listens to her parents and never questions authority.  She rebels so hard that there is then push back and she has to come back to herself not just for herself but for her family as well. 

The book could be read in one sitting and not because it is written in poetry. But because the way that Avedo put the story in a way that helps the reader the hurricane that is The Poet X.  Avedo paints a history in verses that makes the reader question not just about  themselves about the world around them.

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