'Let's Talk About Love' Book Review: What Does the A Stand For?

*** This review may contain spoilers***

A/N: If there is anything that I got wrong. Please let me know. I know little to nothing about this topic and mean no harm toward any community that is represented.

The book by Claire Kann, Let's Talk About Love, shows the cutest story possibly ever told. This book made me smile until your face hurts and make you think about some deep things. This book is so cute and informative and respectful of other communities that not everyone may have full knowledge about.

Asexuality, for people who do not know, is defined as someone who is not sexually attracted to anybody. Meaning they are people who have no sexual desire toward anyone, male or female or non-binary. It is what the A in LBGTQIA+ stands for. Not just Ally. This is where Alice Johnson comes in.

The reader sees Alice Johnson, a black girl that just happens to be asexual. The book is thrown in the middle of a struggle that Alice has faced whenever she gets into a relationship. How to explain to people that she is asexual. She knows what she is but she struggles with telling other people outside her two best friends Ryan and Feenie. When Alice and her girlfriend break up because of this reason, she is scared to even date or talk with someone new, for fear of losing them.

Then enters Takumi, a boy that is too good looking that you can't put a scale to how cute he is. He is kind, considerate and seemingly perfect in every way. Alice gets to know him and starts thinking maybe. just maybe things could be different. He doesn't solve all her problems. Like what to do about law school and her parents. Or about the feeling that she has about being left behind by her friends. This is not that type of story. Takumi doesn't solve all Alice's problems by just showing up in her life. Ultimately, only she does that. He just makes it a little bit better.

This book is not just a love story, it is an adventure. A journey, if you will. The journey that Alice takes with the reader to helping understand of what she wants, not just in love, but in life. The thing about this book is that I enjoy the aspects of showing love in other ways. It is not just shown in action. it is shown in words and behaviors that the characters exhibit throughout the story. This story shows the importance of all types of love.

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