'We're Going to Need More Wine' Review: The 3 things that Gabrielle Union Gave readers w

***This review may contain spoilers***

The things that Gabrielle Union gave in her essay collection, We're Going to Need More Wine 'the book gives the reader something more than from other memoirs/essay collections. Before reading this book I didn't know much about her other than her shows and movies. I watched a couple interviews of her before and knew she was funny and had a kind and beautiful personality but other than that that's all.

1. The laughs.. I knew that Gabrielle Union was funny but I didn't know just how funny she was until I read this book. The stories that Union shares are repeatable and can make anyone laugh out loud. At least it did for me. I cant count how many times I laughed while reading this on the train or at work when I wasn't supposed to.

2. The things that can never be said out loud. She talks about it all. The truth about being a woman in the industry, Being a woman in general she talks about it all.She also touches on abuse and how she overcame and still deals with the effects it has on her. She also talks about the racism she has faced and the fears she has with her family living in America while black. Union gives so much understanding to topics that are rarely, if at all are discussed. She does not just do this for her benefit bur the benefit of the reader as well. So as to give lessons and insight so as to make the reader a better person wither through education or questions that a person may ask themselves.

3. Herself. She gave a good chunk of herself in this book as well. She talks about things like her relationships and her marriage now. She talks about her anxiety with other people and how other people good and bad have shaped her world view. She doesn't just talk about her history and her life leading up to now. She tells the reader the lessons she learns because of the experiences that she has had. She talks about sex, love, having love and respect for yourself. She also talks about being a black woman in Hollywood and the pressures that comes with it. I could tel that she put a lot of herself in this book.

In this book there is also a knowledge that I gained that she wrote this herself. It was all her voice that I could hear while reading and not some.editor or other person. This is a problem I have sometimes faced with some celebrity books. The voice in the book sometimes turns into someone other than the presumed subject what I could only figure is a ghost writer or editor. With the way she tells a story and the emotion she puts behind every section in this book. There is no doubt that these are all Union's words thought and ideas.

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