5 Things That I will Keep Loving in 2018

Coming into 2018 is making me think of the things that I found on the internet that have inspired me to get through the rough year that was 2017. I found these things while searching through the interwebs and these five things have given me the laughs and strength that I needed to push through last year. They have shown me how to be myself and to be proud of who I am.


  1. Black Girl Nerds; podcast/ blog for about a year now their twitter account is what introduced me to the world of podcasts and black twitter. And what a great introduction it was. Black Girl Nerds is a blog started by Jamie Brodnax and her friends to help connect nerdy black girls from all over. I found them thanks to one of their podcasts with Anika Noni Rose, With the powerful conversation about the need of representation I was hooked and listen faithfully every time they have a podcast. BGN has inspired me to know to not be ashamed for what you love.

  2. The Read; podcast is what I listen to when I want to be messy and have a good laugh. Kid Fury and Crissle are two friends that tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No matter if you like it or not. I found them looking through Soundcloud and looking at the most viewed podcasts that week. And I am so glad that I did.These two don't just give me the info about celebrities and the messes they get into, but also taught me about using my voice for a purpose. They have also shown me how to speak my mind and to care what people think.

  3. The Friend Zone; podcast. I found this podcast last year at the same time as The Read. The first time I listened it was after The Read and The Friend Zone's joint podcast. I loved how they spoke and decided to check out The Friend Zone. Assante, Fran and Dustin, the three wonderful people who make up this podcast, have taught me things about mental wellness and about what I value in myself. They have taught me to never down play my beliefs and to prioritize myself and my mental health. And also to have meaningful conversations with the people I care about.

  4. IIsuperwomanII on Youtube. Lilly Singh's vlogs are what have inspired me to start things and to finish them. Her comedy videos have also given me a laugh in my darkest times. I found her a while ago by getting in the black hole that is Youtube and I stumbled on one of her vlogs. She has also taught me in having faith in myself and the things that I love doing. Its not just her videos but her book 'How to Be A Bawse' that is also a force that has helped me through this year.

  5. Damon and Jo on Youtube Damon and Jo's travel videos on Youtube and their blog have help me get more experiences out of 2017. I found them while looking for some study videos for my French class. This channel ha pushed me to say yes to more trips and making great memories and experiences with my friends. Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco have taught me much about travel and learning languages. Also, that you don't have to experience things when you are older. That a person can experience things when they put dedication and shut up and go.

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