5 Gems I Found This Week Thanks to the Internet

I use most of my time thanks to the internet, at least more than 32 hours a week. I say that because I do have online classes and a Netflix account. Because of this so much of my life is spent watching a screen. With a vacation to printed pages and books from time to time.

Now with today’s 24/7 news cycle, we see a lot of horrible things in the news and online. But here are 5 things that I found thanks to the internet that have made me happy. And I hope they make you smile too.

  1. @magdaayuk on Instagram, she brings such good energy just by her instagram page alone with her tips about to self-care and self-love. She also has a free poetry e-book, Sweet Things that comes with 29 inspirational and uplifting poems. I love her page and the poetry she puts out makes me thoughtful on all the blessings in my life. You can download her book here.

  2. The Forest App is a great way to get off the screens. If you want to study or have a deadline that you want to get done this is a great way to help get off your phone. The app also helps plant trees based on the time you spent off your phone. It reminds me of UNICEF Tap Project website where you can donate water every 5 minutes to a person in need. This is a great way to get focused and help other. Download the app here.

  3. @scriptAutistic on Tumblr is a great resource I found while trying to find research for my characters in my stories, It gives in-depth information on how to describe and write people that are autistic into your stories. They also give others advice on what is one of the ways to describe a person who is autistic in a certain situation, like on a plane or the terminology that characters to use. The link to their page is here.

  4. Sailor J on YouTube is hilarious with her type of comedy, she takes a satiric and over exaggerated approach on makeup (Contouring 101), Zodiac Signs (How to be a Leo) and other subjects. like How to do College, which is a video so accurate it hurts. She has been making YouTube videos for only about a month and I can’t wait for more videos from her. She is so funny and smart and could go really far in this path that she is taking. You can find her channel here. Thank me later.

  5. HairNah.com is an online game that was released by Momo known by the twitter handle @MoMoUhOh It takes you through what it likes for black women to go anywhere with their natural hair. This game reminds me of this online game websites like Shockwave.com but better because I relate to it so much more.

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