This is Why Representation Matters

Representation highlights the very existence of the various races, cultures and people across the globe. In the last decade there has been plenty of representation from the Latinos, Blacks and Asian in the widely watched Hollywood movies.

A movie that has gained a lot of attention was the award winning Moonlight which portrayed an African American boy who lived in Miami in the late 80s and early 90s. The movie showed his journey through life and the struggles one has to face if they are black and poor. This boy was gay, and this added to the misery caused to him.

There was also the critically acclaimed true story, a movie called Lion which portrayed the struggles of an orphan from India who grows up in the land down under, Australia. It shows the connect he still has with the roots that brought him up, by displaying the emotions he goes through in his life trying to reach out to his previous family. The culture shocks of how the poor suffer, and how certain population is neglected gives a reason for people to change their attitudes.

It has helped send a message about the journey and existence that matters and gives a chance for the various cultures to look at life more positively in terms of differences in culture and racial abuse. Story telling gives hope when none sometimes is left!

In the year 2017, there have been seven non-white actors who have been nominated in Hollywood’s prestigious Oscars. This has shown the dramatic shift from the last couple of years.

As a person we need to create a difference by writing, creating and producing stories to show the point of view to show representation so that everyone’s voice is heard. Start with spreading love to everyone on Social Media and make a difference to the world we live in.

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