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Something and Nothing 

Author: Jackie Jones, college student 

Tumblr: @wierddbeyondcomparison

Trepidation, scared, afraid,

Terrified to be rejected.


Time and time again I open my mouth

And say something and everyone would turn to me

Like “Who are you?”


According to some people I am nobody.

“Are you nobody too?”


So, I just sit here with a book,

A pencil or pen.

With everyone talking and me,

Saying nothing.


Me, with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth,

Saying to myself “Your words are not valued here.

Save them for later.” 


I am terrified to one day open my mouth

And at the corner of my someone making

A face that’s saying “Oh no, not this b*tch again.”


That thought always shuts me up

And makes my mind shut off the connection

To my mouth.

Making me a mute for the rest of the interaction.

I am scared to see that glazed-over look

In a person’s eyes when I’m speaking.


This is why I am so quiet.

I am afraid of saying something

And end up with nothing in return.


Of giving all I have to someone

And leaving empty-handed.


I’ve tried and tried to associate myself

With people, but they come and go

Like minutes on a clock.


So I barely try anymore.

Because I hated starting with something

And ending up with nothing.

From An Article About the Women's March in Spain

Article by: Cassidy Miller (The Wagenerian)

Poet Author: Madi Elle 

Tumblr: @Lightlylilium 

What is LOVE?

Author: Nury Castillo Crawford


FaceBook: 1010Publishing

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Twitter: @1010Publishing

LOVE that blooms regardless of season.

LOVE that takes your breath away.

LOVE that magnetizes you with sex appeal.

LOVE that won't let you sleep.

LOVE that fills your mind with thoughts.

LOVE that completes your spirit.

LOVE that your spirit craves.


I found that LOVE with you.