Nanowrimo Challenge 2017

1. The submissions will be accepted until 11:59 pm PST of that day of the prompt.

2. The word count accepted will be 200-500 words (fiction and nonfiction) or up to 18 lines of poetry and must follow

the prompt.

3. To enter tag the story or poem with #mandwmagazine on Wattpad, Tumblr, Intagram or Twitter (@mandwmagazine)

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Day 1: Hope

Day 2: Fear


by @wierddbeyondcomparison on Tumblr


It is right before you do something great.

Your knees start to get weak and your

Mind is split.

So much that you know that

This decision will go one of two ways.

Humiliation or Victory. Or worse.

Have no impact at all.

Fear is something that saves us. And sometimes stops us.

From making life’s important decisions.

This is why I choose to not go over, under, or around fear.

But to push through fear and fly.

Day 3: Candy


by -Tharusha Deegala  @starrypoet on Instagram


Growing up as dreamers..
We have all dreamt 

Of living in our own Hansel and Gretel's candy house
To lick the gingerbread doors..
Sniff at the cotton candy windows,
Drink the cholate that runs out of the shower..
We grow up seeing the candy
Not the witch inside
Nor the mother
Who sent her kids off to the wilderness
To get killed or worse,
To get lost.
If our world was once a dream of candy
Time and life
Has done their deeds
Are we dreamers anymore?
When our worlds now revolve around stories of witches
Who don't get pushed into fires
And news of women
Who push their children into fires instead.



Sunday Candy

By @wierdddbeyondcomparison on Tumblr

Sunday Candy was one of Jordin’s favorite songs. It made her feel less homesick. It made her think of the breakfast that her grandmother made her and her siblings before church. It made her think of peppermints in an old purse or caramels that suddenly appeared in her hand when she was little. The song made her think of the bright sun sinking deep into her brown skin when she played outside. This one song made her do what many songs have the ability to do. Remember and reminisce on good and happy things.

It had been a long time since Jordin thought of something happy. With deadlines piling up and finals coming around the corner, she felt stress and anxiety almost 75% of the day. Music and videos helped. And caramel candies and peppermints. Those helped too. She stuffed some in her pocket from her stash whenever she could. She would pop a caramel candy in her mouth walking to class or right before a big test, she would have a few peppermints on her desk with her lucky extra pencil. They made her feel safe, those candies. Like no matter the outcome of this situation, with a little bit of sugar. Things will be alright.

Day 4: Promises 

Day 5: Days 1-4(Hope, Fear,Candy and Promises)


By @wierddbeyondcomparison on Tumblr

Hope is fireworks outside the window.

Not gun shots that could hurt or kill.

Just another holiday that has pretty colors

That is shot into the sky.


Hope is fireworks when he kisses me.

Not some sparkler that’s almost at its end.  

One that didn’t even have time to draw any pattern

Into the night before it blacks out.


Hope is cheering outside my door.

Not another argument that could turn into a fight,

That could turn into violence.

Just something that I can be happy about.

Something good.


Hope is that what I’m doing

Actually means something.

That it will have a result waiting for me at the end.


Hope is that when I do get to the finish line.

The prize will be worth it and not just

A useless participation ribbon.



By @wierddbeyondcomparison on Tumblr

You learn when you were younger that they were meant to keep.

They are not meant to be followed like rules.

Until you get older.

And then learn like rules,

They can be bended.

Or even broken


Day 6: Magic

Day 7: Sidewalk

Day 8: "I am not..."

I am not...

By @lightlylilium on Tumblr


I am not the absence

of space, nor

a dearth of being.

I am the room

taken up -

unapologetically -

by my body

and by my mind;

Not to be denied,

nor mistaken.